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As we try to be informed about items we may purcahse or rent, the term that most people have come to know is CAVEAT EMPTOR, let the buyer beware. We are so ready to buy or rent some items we forget to check things out. A big example is in buying a used automobile. We need transportation and we forget to get all the information about the vehicle. The vehicle breaks down right after we buy it and want the seller to fix or take it back, but the seller made no promises about the condition and said the sale was as-is, we forget to have it checked out and we are stuck. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

The next little diddy that goes by consumers, is when we are trying to enter into a contract regarding let’s say, house repairs. The contractor making his bid to do the work says what it will cost and how long it will take to do the work. The home owner hiring the contractor agrees to set the payment for the work to be paid in stages as the work is completed. This is a bilateral contract, each side receives something from the other, the term used and what you hear is QUID PRO QUO, something for something. So when the contractor does not complete the work as scheduled should the home owner pay monies for for work not completed, I think not, QUID PRO QUO, work completed, then payment due.

Legal terms are thrown about on television but the show does not explain in laymen terms what these terms mean. One of my favorite terms used on TV shows is NON PRO TUNC, which means now for then. This occurs when an error is made in a court order and the parties know that the incorrect or may effect what type os case is involved, so the court in order to get everyone back on the same page, amends the order involved, could be a custody order, an order requiring that something be done by a certain date, and the court correct the order from say the 1st day of the month on the 30th day of the month by adding the term NON PRO TUNC, meaning that the order on the 30th of the month is good from the first of the month when the original order was signed.

The last thing that gets to me in our court systems is when a court decides to go forward with a ruling, SUA SPONTE, of the courts own motion. This may seem a little off the beaten path, but when you have a case and think you have an argument in that case and the court decides on its own that you do not have a case, it can be frustrating. This is a little out there but it never hurts to understand some legal term that may come up in conversation or on a TV show you may like that you do not understand what they are talking about. From now on everyone once in a while I shall give out some gems that you might want to put in the back of your head that will make you look like a really smart person!

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