First I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and especially a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014.
Over the past few months I have made the observation that the legal world is fighting itself in trying to gain respect from the general public. It is a sad state of affairs when attorneys do not show respect to each other, no wonder the public thinks of lawyers as a group of being selfish greedy people just trying to better themselves. In my years of practice I have found that if you put your best foot forward in your dealings that the matters that you are trying to resolve seem to work themselves out and everyone goes away feeling that they did the best for their clients.
I am certainly not Mr. Goody two shoes, but I think if everyone made an effort to try and work with other people, rather than try and squeeze them that we might have a better way of doing business and trust and credibility can once again be part of our daily business experiences.

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