It seems that I received several notices trying to link me up with Facebook or Linked In but people keep citing my old email address:
ejwitten@att.net and with that email address I do not receive the information that people and trying to send to me. My existing email is:
Edward@ejwittenlaw.com, please make that adjustment to your email addresses.
I did want to say that this has been an extra fast year and I have been receiving new body parts as I go. A total right knee replacement in January, 2016 and two new eyes with cataract surgeries in March and April of this year. I can now walk and see much better than I did before and am happy these body replacements have worked out .
What I have learned from these physical set backs that you must keep going forward and just take it “One Day at a Time”.
I have always had my own mantra, that which is “Always Think the Worst and Hope for the Best”. I find I do not get disappointed with that thought process and have managed to keep going whatever thing or things might come up that are sometimes positive and most of the time negative.
I hope to become better at responding to people’s requests in the future. For now have a great rest of the summer.

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