Legal Fees


Legal fees in the Jacksonville and Northeast portion of Florida can be made in many different arrangements.

My thoughts on fees are this:  Whatever is best for the client.  The different arrangements are as follows:

(1) Flat Fee– a set sum for a particular service

(2) Retainer fee + hourly rate, that is client pays attorney a retainer fee and attorney works on service for client until that fee is gone and an established hourly rate agreed to by the attorney and client starts to take place.

(3) Flat hourly rate, attorney works on hourly rate from the beginning of the time his or service is to begin.

(4) Contingency rate, lawyers works on a percentage of what he collects for client in a legal action for damages and

(5) Non-contingent suit fee and contingency rate, client pays attorney a fee up front and that fee is his or hers no matter what takes place as an outcome of the legal action and if a recovery is made then the contingent fee agreed upon kicks in on the sum recovered.  Fees are really a matter which can be worked out between the attorney and the client once employment is agreed upon.