The collection world is basically divided into two distinct areas:
Retail (Consumer Claims) which deals with individuals that owe monies.  That could be credit card account, cell phone accounts, department store accounts, credit union accounts and bank loan accounts, excluding loans on real property.

The second area of collections is known as Commercial Accounts.  Commercial Accounts generally deal with businesses dealing with businesses.  Example being a paint manufacturer selling its product to a retail paint store.

Through the years practicing law in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida I have filed numerous cases  on both the retail and commercial sides of collections.  Clients represented in the past are Montgomery Ward & Company, Jefferson Ward, G.E. Capital, AllTel, Powertel, Leasecomm Corp., Jones College, The Finance Company, Concorde Career Institute and numerous Credit Unions including, Anchor 7 Federal Credit Union, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Farmers Federal Credit Union, First Coast Federal Credit Union, Omni Federal Credit Union, Gulf Life Employees Federal Credit Union and Jax Navy Federal Credit Union, now known as VyStar Credit Union.  Commercial clients have been acquired through Commercial Law League and commercial listing companies which forwards accounts to attorneys who handle commercial claims.

The lists include ALR, The National List, The Columbia List, Commercial Law List, General Bar, International Bar, The Forwarder’s List and Wright & Homes Law List.  My first is also listed with the

Credit Union Attorney’s Law List.  Local companies which I have represented regarding commercial claims are Top Choice Poultry Company, Atlantic Venetian Blind & Drapery Company and S & W Trailer Corporation.